Not all beef mince is created equal. Here are 3 easy rules to keep in mind when shopping for mince.


It's not something you usually think much about, but good mince makes a world of difference when your cooking. Here's our 3 rules to look out for to make sure you're getting premium quality beef mince:

1. Keep It Good

The meat in premium mince is fresh, using quality meat and good fats. This is simple - but the most important and easily ruined.

2. Keep It Clean

Premium mince has no tendons, bones or hard spots in the meat. It may create what's commonly known as grizzle.

3. Keep It Lean

Have some fat but don't over do it. What you want here is a 85% -90% VL (visually lean). So that's 90% beef - 10% fat.


Keep these three rules in mind when buying mince. Mince is supposed to be good, and the difference when using premium mince is phenomenal.


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